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About Us

Made for the youth of today, Rodeo Drive is the newest one-stop concept store on the block! With 3 main brands under its roster, Rodeo Drive is the name to beat.

Freshgear the Trendy, Cherokee the Classy, and Rifle the Edgy-- whatever your style may be, we have a brand just for you!


Rifle is an Italian clothing brand that was founded in 1958. It specializes in expressing its creativity through edgy clothes made with high quality craftsmanship, textiles, and superior refinement.

Cherokee was born out of classic styles. Hailing from Venice Beach, California, the brand speaks for the simple, easy, and effortless style of today.

Freshgear is an international denim brand established in 2006. With its trendy and fast-fashion take on today's style, this is the perf brand for the youth of today.